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I'm glad you found my modest home page in the wide Internet. My name is Arvin Schnell and I am 51 years old. Let me tell you a bit about myself and my activities.


I studied physics at the University of Bremen. My thesis (Diplomarbeit) was in the field of Theoretical Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics. I work at SUSE LINUX in Nürnberg as a software engineer. You are welcome to visit my XING page.


Monument Valley

I love to travel. Here you can see me in Monument Valley, Arizona. The picture was taken in May 2001.

Click on the picture for a large view.

There are more pictures from that trip on my dad's page Glimpses of U.S. National Parks.

And here is a photo series of a sailing trip in the Caribbean Sea.


I enjoy rock climbing, sailing, diving, bicycle riding and mountain hiking.


Arvin Hacking

Working with computers has always fascinated me. As a child, I worked with my dad's HP87 desk calculator. My first real computer was an Atari ST. Since 1995, my computers are exclusively powered by GNU/Linux. On the picture, taken in my young days at my parent's home in Lilienthal near Bremen, you can see me hacking.

Here are some tricks concerning computers and programming in the broader sense.



In 1998, I created xanalyser, a frequency spectrum analyser for Linux and X Window.

Click on the picture for more information.



In 1998, I designed and built a DCF77 clock with a computer interface.

Click on the picture for more information.



Here is a little movie which I created using povray some time ago.

Click on the picture to see the pendulum moving.

Amateur Radio

Aurora Borealis

I am a ham radio operator since 1989. My callsign is DG3BCU. When I lived at my parent's home, I shared a station with my dad and my brother. See DL6BCT. During an Aurora Borealis on November 17th 1989, I took this picture of our station.

Click on the picture for a large view.

Living in a flat in Nürnberg, there is unfortunately no chance setting up a station.

Links to family members

My brother Ilan Schnell
My mother Tove Schnell
My dad Günter Schnell

Thank you for your virtual visit.

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